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Eclipse C/C++ Developer Guide
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C/C++ Toolbar

C/C++ Toolbar

C/C++ Toolbar icons

Icon Command Description
Create New icon Create New Create a new project, folder, or file.
Save icon Save Save the content of the current editor. Disabled if the editor does not contain unsaved changes.
Print icon Print Prints the content of the current editor.
Build All icon Build All Builds all projects.
New C/C++ project icon New C/C++ project Creates New C/C++ project.
Create Folder icon Create Folder Creates a folder within the current project.
Create File icon Create File Creates a file within the current project.
Create C++ Class icon Create C++ Class Creates a C++ class within the current project.
Build selected icon Build selected Builds active configurations of selected projects.
Manage configurations icon Manage configurations Displays Manage Build Configurations dialog.
Debug icon Debug Launches the Debug dialog box.
Run icon Run Launches the Run dialog box
External Tools icon External Tools Launches the External Tools dialog box
Open Element icon Open Element Brings up the Open Element selection dialog to open an element in the editor. The Open Elements selection dialog shows all elements existing in the workspace.
Search icon Search Launches the C/C++ Search dialog box
Add to working set icon Add to working set Adds selected elements to a working set.
Remove from working set icon Remove from working set Removes selected elements from a working set.
Modify working set icon Modify working set Modify workbench working set.
Toggle Mark Occurrences icon Toggle Mark Occurrences Turns mark occurrences on and off in the C/C++ editor.
Show Whitespace Characters icon Show Whitespace Characters Displays whitespace characters in the editor.
Show Selected Element icon Show Selected Element Show source of selected element only
Next annotation icon Next annotation Go to the next annotation in the editor.
Previous annotation icon Previous annotation Go to the previous annotation in the editor.
Go to Last Edit Location icon Go to Last Edit Location Returns editor view to the last line edited, if the file that was last edited was closed it will be re-opened.
Back icon Back Navigates back through open files.
Forward icon Forward Navigates forward through open files.

IBM Copyright Statement

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire