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Fedora Core 6 Xen Virtualization Guide
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Building a Fedora Guest System using 'cobbler' and 'koan'

Cobbler is a tool for configuring a provisioning server for PXE, Xen, and existing systems. See [WWW] for details. The following instructions are rather minimal and more configuration options are available.

First, set up a provisioning server:

  • yum install cobbler
    man cobbler # read the docs!
    cobbler check # validate that the system is configured correctly
    cobbler distro add --name=myxendistro --kernel=/path/to/vmlinuz --initrd=/path/to/initrd.img
    cobbler profile add --name=myxenprofile --distro==myxendistro [--kickstart=/path/to/kickstart]
    cobbler list # review the configuration
    cobbler sync # apply the configuration to the filesystem

Alternatively, cobbler can import a Fedora rsync mirror and create profiles automatically from there. Some of the imported distros will be Xen profiles and some will be for bare metal. Usage of the Xen profiles will be required. See the manpage for details.

  • cobbler import --mirror=rsync://your-fedora-mirror --mirror-name=fedora
    cobbler sync

On the system that will host the image:

  • yum install koan
    koan --virt --profile=myxenprofile --server=hostname-of-cobbler-server

Fedora Core 6 Xen Virtualization Guide
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